Preparing For A Divorce In Arizona

Divorce is a complicated process and can be tough on both spouses. As you approach the legal aspects of your dissolution of marriage, you will need an understanding attorney to help relieve stress and uncertainty.

Look for a lawyer who will provide clarity where there may be confusion about your divorce proceedings. We have the experience to answer your questions about the division of your property, how the divorce will impact your children and even whether you may qualify for spousal support. Contact Steven C. Weinstein, Attorney at Law, to learn about our discounted rates for initial consultations.

Over 38 Years Working On Divorce Cases

When working on the dissolution of a marriage, experience counts. We’ve spent almost four decades helping families reach an equitable conclusion to their relationship. Our skill lies in understanding their situations, assisting with finding common ground, negotiating a fair division of assets, and helping with support and custody arrangements. When dealing with the unknown, it’s always best to have someone experienced in divorce law services in your corner. We’ll make sure you know what you need, what you are entitled to, and what you can expect for the future. Uncertain times cause high levels of anxiety, and divorce is no different. It is counted among the top five most stressful events in a person’s life. 

From worrying about money to when you get to see your children, our divorce law services can relieve some of the pressure. Our experience will help you sleep better at night. Put your confidence in our judicial knowledge, litigation skill, and our ability to find a balanced resolution. We have seen all types of divorce; contested, uncontested, and everything in between. Put your future in trustworthy hands and allow us to provide sound legal advice that will help build the foundations for you to start over. 

As an experienced family law practitioner, Steven C. Weinstein offers you professional legal help and support with the following divorce types and divorce matters:

  • Contested Divorce

When you and your spouse cannot agree on the divorce or the terms of the divorce, you will need a lawyer's representation to navigate a contested divorce. In Arizona either spouse may petition for or contest a divorce.

  • Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce means you and your spouse do not have any disagreements regarding the typical divorce issues such as: child custody, child support, property division and/or spousal support. This type of divorce is settled outside of the courtroom. The proceedings are normally quicker and less expensive than with a contested divorce.

  • High Net Worth Divorce

When you and your spouse have many assets, income and/or property, you will need experienced legal representation to negotiate and divide your assets.

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